T-bone days at Hotel double eagle in Rees-Haldern

Approx. 900 gr. juicy, tender meat from the grill with a side dish of their choice. Don't miss this experience!

Note: Refer to the precise dates our event calendar

Must depend on the good steak
Long slopes of steaks is a rarity and is practiced only by a few butchers or very good restaurants. Slopes is luxury: A good steak must be at least 6 weeks at certain humidity and room temperature hang to make it tender and juicy to.

The restaurant hotel double eagle gave them this luxury! Our T-bones steaks are hung at least 7 weeks and so incredibly tender and juicy taste experience!

Our T-bone days there are only 6 times a year *! So, do not miss the opportunity and treat yourself to this special offer!

Note: due to the great demands will be asked to reserve!

* Every 2 months, always on the last weekend of the month. (February, April, June, August, October, December)