Approx. 900 gr. juicy, tender meat from the grill with a side dish of their choice. Don't miss this experience!

Note: Refer to the precise dates our event calendar

Must depend on the good steak
Long slopes of steaks is a rarity and is practiced only by a few butchers or very good restaurants. Slopes is luxury: A good steak must be at least 6 weeks at certain humidity and room temperature hang to make it tender and juicy to.

The restaurant hotel double eagle gave them this luxury! Our T-bones steaks are hung at least 7 weeks and so incredibly tender and juicy taste experience!

Our T-bone days there are only 6 times a year *! So, do not miss the opportunity and treat yourself to this special offer!

Note: due to the great demands will be asked to reserve!

* Every 2 months, always on the last weekend of the month. (February, April, June, August, October, December)

From the 15.11.2012 there are our tasty wild specialities.

Show now in our season ticket: venison

Now: goose or goose leg

Katoffelklößen and red cabbage with Cranberries
PEAR and Apple sauce

Now there are again freshly caught mussels with us!
Whether shells "Mediterranean style" with garlic, tomatoes, onions and peppers or mussels "Rhineland style" with leeks, celery and onions. We have something on our shell menu for all tastes

The restaurant is a family-run House with exemplary hospitality in a cosy setting double-headed eagle. To strengthen our team we train to the…

Restaurant specialist or to the student

From the gourmet spoon to the Champagne Flute – training in the Restaurat is very diverse – and varied.
Learn the profession of engineer or engineer with us and thereby ensure the well-being of your guests!

You will learn the correct and technically correct handling with guests. The workplace extends from the pure guest room, restaurant, the bar, the buffet and the drinks wine cellar. They make wine and menu recommendations, arrange all events and festivities. Will learn how to properly covers tables, are what the golden rules for a perfect service, as it serves, and then again sweeps the table and much more!

If you at least a secondary school have, like to deal with people, have a rapid uptake and have organizational and sales talent, we can give you a professional future.

Chef or Cook

If you have at least a secondary school, are mentally and physically berlastbar and can – deal well with stress if you have an above-average taste and sense of smell, like to eat and drink, you should apply with us.

Among other things, they learn about the different basic cooking methods such as roasting, boiling, Braising with us. You will learn different kinds of meat, properly to process fish, fruit and vegetables. Herbs and spices and the correct handling is available on your training plan. You also learn various soups, salads, appetizers, meat and fish dishes, vegetables, to prepare last and side dishes and desserts. Distance learn how work processes in a professional kitchen must be and how a hygienic kitchen has to be.
As you can see, the cooking craft is a challenging and diverse career. And the most important: it is future-proof! So, please apply. We are happy and on you.

or to the student or engineer

You should have at least a secondary school and be team – and communication-capable. Organization and sales talent, good manners and a pleasant appearance are important.
They plan and organize the key work processes in the hotel. They operate in particular in the following areas: reception, advertising, Werkaufsförderung and the economic sector. Received and advise our guests, lead guest correspondence, selling food and drinks, calculate and offers, create perform marketing activities, check the guest rooms, create personal plans…
The profession of hotel professionals is interesting, varied and responsible. If you appreciate this challenge, then you are right with us!

Please send us your resume with certificates, curriculum vitae and photograph:
Hotel-restaurant "Double eagle" z.H. Mr j, Bahnhofstrasse 48, 46459 Rees-Haldern

Some have already noticed it and diligently tracked:

Our homepage in the revised design is online!

What has changed?
In addition to a fresh design, the new menu and wine list was integrated into the home page.
In the future, we will expand the menu with original pictures of the dishes. Thus everyone can get ever appetite.

We are always open for suggestions and criticism. Simply send us an email at